Unable to install companion app from OBR file

Hi there,

I am currently implementing a PoC to see how can I install to apps from one OBR file.

I have created a couple of public repositories with two very simple Confluence apps:

  • One for the main app: the one whose OBR file will be used to install the apps.
  • One for the companion app: which is a dependency on the main one.

When I unzip the resulting OBR file from the main app, everything looks correct, but UPM refuse to install the companion app and only the main one is installed.

I don’t know what pieces I am missing to make it work as intended.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Finally we were able to make it work. The main missing piece was that the main app has to explicitly use a resource (service or component) that has been exported by the companion app. I will keep the repositories public for reference just in case stumbles upon the requirement of distributing several apps in a single OBR package.