How to login Jira cloud system in python code with only known email address?

auth = (email, password)

auth needs two parameters and password is unknown.


The Jira Cloud Platform REST API documentation refers to Ad-hoc API calls to explain basic auth:

For personal scripts, bots, and ad-hoc execution of the REST APIs use basic authentication. See Basic auth for REST APIs for details.

In short, please use an API token.

Thanks so much and got the API token.
BTW, have another question. How to pass proxies informatoin during Jira login in python script?
I would be really appreciated if you know that.


No. I don’t know that library. It isn’t built or maintained by Atlassian. Indeed, if you are just getting started, you might want to look at my advice about how to work with Jira in Python:

Thanks so much. I met a problem that is cannot access to Jira cloud in python script. The server parameter I set is When I ping it in cmd in company network, it said “Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again.” Then I opened my iphone hotspot and got the ip address When it is put in the google chrome, the page showed “page unavailabe”.Why does it happen?