How to make a Jira Service Data Center proof. Eg ensure it runs only in one node at a time

This is one of the services listed here!default.jspa

This particular one has been running for ages in Server, but it must be run only once for a cluster. A possible option I was considering was to add a random number of minutes of delay a the beginning, so that at least nodes won’t clash by running together, but I am sure there will be a more elegant solution.

Cheers all

I would suggest using a JobRunner instead of a service:

Hi @t-bundt

Indeed I had seen that JobRunner was something listed somewhere else, indeed with support for Data Centre. However, this would require some redevelopment of the plugin which I might not be able to do (it was externally contracted).

Is there any simple solution for a Service in DC or are services technically limited to running in all nodes (eg, to deal with “local” data)


I can’t think of a simpler solution than switching to a JobRunner.