How to make App integration?

How does the api work? In Trello, you just need to get a Token key and after that you can execute queries. Tell me how to do the same as in Trello? I need to authorize users and get their data about projects, tasks, etc.I tried to generate a token, created atlassian-connect.json, but it did not help. Server always returns 401

Hey Sergey,
Are you building an actual App to extend a connect app (i.e. Jira, Confluence or BitBucket) or are you simply trying to access the REST API of Jira (Confluence/BitBucket) Cloud?

In the first case, you can get an authenticated http.client through the Atlassian Connect framework; how exactly depends on whether you’re using Spring or Node.

In the second case, you’ll want to read this page:

In either case: Can you share a bit more about what you’re trying to do and how? From your description, it is hard to actually pinpoint any particular problem.


I would also recommend that you have a look at this tutorial:

I suspect that what you are looking for is AP.request:

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I create App Descriptor. Then I added necessary lifecycle for me. When the app was installed, Jira made a request to /installed and this data was received::
{ key: ‘***’,
clientKey: ‘***’,
publicKey: ‘***’,
sharedSecret: ‘***’,
serverVersion: ‘100105’,
pluginsVersion: ‘1.436.0’,
baseUrl: ‘’,
productType: ‘jira’,
description: 'Atlassian JIRA at ',
eventType: ‘installed’ }
Is it possible to request information from server about projects, cards and so on with the help of this data?