How to make Forge apps "live"?


We have a Forge custom UI application that we would like to make “live”. We use a storage API and the data can be stored in it nicely, but if something in the storage has changed, users using the same application are not notified. Therefore, the data they have may become obsolete until they refresh the page and retrieve the fresh data from the storage.

I have looked at JIRA Events but have not found a solution for such a case.

Is there a way to automatically notify other users that there is fresh data in the storage when the storage changes?

Is there any Event or Hook that can be used to make sure that the data is always fresh for all users?


I @balintkancsar ,

I don’t think this is possible at this stage, but you can create a feature request in the Forge project.

Until this feature is implemented, your app can poll for changes in data from it’s Custom UI using the invoke API to call your Forge backend which can then check for the latest data using the storage API.


@balintkancsar Will feature like Allow apps to navigate (or refresh) the browser help in your case?

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