How to make our app migration confirmed

We are developing our cloud migration system that will migrate data from server to cloud using the app migration library.

the question is: how to make our app confirmed. until now, we still get unknown results for the option ‘Can be migrated’.

please tell us what should we do?
kind regards,

Hello Ali,

The Can be migrated field will be active after the release of CCMA in Feb and JCMA in April.

You will also need to update your listing in Marketplace using the migrations API documented here

Specifically, you need to update your listing with the links for documentation for migrations and also a minimum version value for your app. The first call needs to be the create call with a PUT request, and then updates after that are PATCH requests.

CCMA and JCMA cache their responses, so for testing disable and re-enable JCMA or CCMA through UPM. Or restart Jira or Confluence for a complete refresh.

Hope this helps.

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Hello James,
thank you for your support,
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