How to map status & attachments while integrating from servicenow to Jira bidirectionally

Hi Team,

we are trying to integrate servicenow with jira.
Created Business Rule in servicenow for Servicenow -jira create/update .
Created Scripted rest API in Servicenow for Jira-Servicenow for create/update. (Webhook).

I would like to have the request body for status. it’s not working with the following body.

        "id": "10003"


How to integrate Attachements from Servicenow - Jira bidirectionally.

Please suggest and help me …


Welcome to the Atlassian developer community, @sriharsham

There are significant differences between Confluence Cloud and Server/Data Center that would make for different answers. Which one are you using?

Although it may be common from the ServiceNow side to use the business rule functionality, I would recommend using Jira’s notion of “an app”. That way you don’t have to build from scratch. And there are so many good ones to choose in the Marketplace. I even wrote about a couple of the options in a blog post about ALM middleware and the considerations for choosing an integration approach.

Hi @ibuchanan ,

Thanks alot for responding. I am trying for jira dev (Cloud) where as my work is Jira server … first am trying in jira dev instance.

As there are no much differences for API.

am using script manual integration. we are not using any tools to integrate.
Please help me with the approach on how we need to go ahead.



I would warn the authentication mechanisms between Cloud and Server are different. Hopefully, you are using API tokens on Cloud which will be similar enough to Personal Access Tokens in Server. Also keep to the v2 REST APIs as there are meaningful differences in v3 from Server (mostly ADF). Beware that user management is significantly different between Cloud and Server so setting things like reporter and assignee will not be the same. In the near term, I’m sure you will be fine with webhooks because registration and the shape of webhooks are similar enough.

If you are convinced that using ServiceNow’s business rules are the right approach, then I’m not sure if this is the right forum for you. That’s not our product or feature. I don’t think people here will know how to use those. I certainly don’t know how to help you beyond what I have explained about the API differences.