How to migrate connect app to forge?

We have an app that is written with connect platform. It is currently listed on Atlassian marketplace as free app. It has active customers. We want to migrate our app from connect to forge platform. How can we migrate our app without losing customers?

Hi @yagizhan14 ,

Have you had a look at the documentation we have here: ? Let me know if you have any questions after reading that.

Please note that the connect on forge functionality is still on alpha, so you might want to try it out on a test app first. The idea is that once we’re ready all existing Connect apps can start including Forge features without having to move their users over to a new app.

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Thanks for the quick response. I have read the page in the link. Unfortunately, that doesn’t solve our problem. We are remaking our atlassian-connect app with forge. There is a manifest field called app.connect. Can we link our connect app to forge app with this new manifest field?

Hi @yagizhan14 , would you mind providing a link to your specific app? We’re close to enabling some app developers to move their app to forge without losing customers, but not quite there yet - still in alpha. There are still some missing features that mean it’s not suitable for every app, and we haven’t yet finished the work to enable converting your listing and installations.

It should soon be possible to at least test migrations from connect to forge on a test site, however. We’re announcing the changes as they come out in this thread

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Hi @jhazelwood , marketplace link