How to navigate to a Forge module?

Is there really no way to provide a link from the start page to another app module? This issue seems to suggest no, but I am curious if anyone found some decent workarounds for this.

We would like to allow users to select a Jira project on the start page and then navigate to a project settings page (module provided by our app) of the selected project.

I cannot seem to find a way to do this. The target URL has to look something like this:


app-id may be quite fixed so I guess it could be hard-coded. However, I am not quite sure yet what the last id should be. Would that be a module-id?

Unless this URL is in our documentation this could be subject to change.

Regardless the format at time of writing is

In short, the environment id will change based on forge deploy -e $ENVIRONMENT
This environment id remains pretty fixed much like the app id.

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