How to open a Custom UI context panel from another Custom UI extension within the same app


I’ve used the detail at to communicate between two UI extensions within the same app, eg between a Jira issue context and a Jira issue panel. But the issue context only receives the event from the panel if it is already open.

Is it possible to programmatically cause an issue context to open itself from something generated in the issue panel (within the same overall app) ?


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Hi @ChrisLloyd ,

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I don’t think it’s possible for an app to programmatically open an issue context panel as described. You may like to raise a issue in the FRGE project, explaining your use case.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly @dmorrow. I was looking into it as our UX designer asked if it was possible. I’ll see if she had a specific use case in mind or if it were just a general enquiry.


  • Chris
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