How to open JIRA development interface

I am new to JIRA, want to know , how to open Developer interface as in ServiceNow , we have Business ule and client scripts and script includes, i have my JIRA cloud instance and want to do some R&D, kindly help

Most of us are probably not familiar with the Developer interface that ServiceNow has (or in my case - not even familiar with ServiceNow - it’s been a while).

Can you explain what you’re trying to do? (give us some examples of the things you want to accomplish). Some things might be doable through built in functionality, some things might require third party apps (ScriptRunner) and some might require you to build either apps or use the rest apis.

just like i want to HID a field based on some selection, or i want some value to be populated in Description field based on some server side code run or render some server side code run result based on client interaction.

like to hide any field on load of form we write,

funtion onLoad(){
g_form.setDisplay(‘description’ , false);
// where g_form is object for current form

something like this or like

var callersysID = current.variables.called_name ; // in any catalog form value fetching or server side script where CURRENT is referring to current object.


All of that you can do in server/dc pretty easily. Not so much in cloud (security issues). For the most part you’d be looking at building an app to handle things for you (google Atlassian connect) or something like Adaptavist’s ScriptRunner might work.