How to package and release Atlassian Plugins using Bamboo and Maven

Hi All,

I am developing Atlassian plugins and can package and deploy the plugins manually by using the atlas-* commands.

However, I would like to automate this whole process of packaging and deployment as a release cycle using Bamboo.

I would like to achieve the following:

  1. Using Maven task in the Bamboo to package my plugin. (This I am currently doing by using a script task and using the atlas-package command inside of it)
  2. Using the maven task (if possible) to auto-increment the snapshot version of the build artifact. (Currently, I am doing this by using a script task and using the command “atlas-mvn clean package -DbambooBuildNumber=${bamboo.buildNumber}”
  3. Using Bamboo deployment to deploy the generated artifact to the target servers and also to achieve the auto-increment of the maven version from the snapshot to the major for example, 2.0

I am kinda lost on how to achieve this and need help to proceed further.

Thanks in advance!

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For posterity: this was also asked and answered on

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