How to pass a Jira Service desk context parameter into a JSM portal user menu

We are working on new user menu action in the JSM portal: The displayed context would depend on which portal (or ServiceDesk project) the user opens it from. I wanted to use the URL context parameters for this (as the documentation suggests), but all Jira Context parameters come through empty. Even the servicedesk.serviceDeskId, stated to be available from the Portal page, does not give any result.

The user I am currently testing with is logged in and is the site and org admin, so there should not be any limitations for that user particularly, right?
Any suggestions on accessing information about the displayed portal from which the user has opened the user menu?

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@lauma.cirule I’ve verified that indeed, there are no URL context parameters being passed in those menu actions back to my test app. I’ve reached out to folks internally to see if this is expected behavior, or if it’s a bug. I’ll follow up on this thread once I have more information.

I’ve got word that there aren’t any plans to add context parameters to that Connect module. That being said, if you are exploring building on Forge, there is a Forge UI kit module called PortalUserMenuAction which might be worth looking into.

Sorry for the delayed reply! Thank you for your efforts, @nmansilla!
Unfortunately, that is not inspiring :slight_smile: I can only agree with Alexey’s comment in the ticket about another limitation for user menu action (dialog size):

While the move to Forge in long term is kind of inevitable, the Forge itself is not yet mature enough at this point, which is regularly raised in developer community forum and we’re not planning to rewrite everything just to implement a workaround for minor issue, which is still affecting customers.

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