How to pass custom parameters to app view?


To set the stage: I am displaying content of my app on a webPanel for a Jira issue. Now I would like to have a link that opens another view of my app using the content area of the page.

My solution approach: The idea is to define url parameters in the connector definition and use AP.navigator.go to open the view and pass some custom parameters. Those parameters then should be unpacked into the url so I can open the view of my app in the right configuration.

That’s the relevant part of my connector config:

"adminPages": [
        "url": "/pages/my_view?foo={}",
        "name": {
            "value": "My View"
        "key": "myapp-myview",
        "location": "admin_plugins_menu/myapp-config-section"
    }, ...

on click of a link on the custom panel I added to the Jira issue view, I did:

AP.navigator.go('projectAdminTabPanel', {addonKey:'myapp', adminPageKey:'myapp-myview', customData: { foo: 'bar'}})

The view changes to the right url as expected, but the url parameter for foo will always be empty and never show “bar”.

I followed these pages from the documentation (and checked the community here, but couldn’t find an answer)


Atlassian connect

How can I achieve my original goal? I this solution approach the right one? Why did it fail so far?
Is there a working example to look at?

Thanks for your help!

Is there anyone out there :slight_smile: ?