How to pass dashboard ID from a web item to a dialog?


I am trying to implement a dialog that is opened by a web item on a dashboard. Using Web Fragment Finder, I found two possible integration points in the UI:

I was able to add a new web item to both locations. Now I would like to pass the dashboard ID to the dialog via a context parameter but none of the documented variable names seem to work.

        "key": "jpdfc-create-export-dialog-dashboard",
        "url": "/my/service?dashboardItemId={}&dashboardItemKey={dashboardItem.key}&dashboardItemViewType={dashboardItem.viewType}&dashboardId={}"

The ID is not filled in the URL, the result will be …/my/service?dashboardItemId=&dashboardItemKey=&dashboardItemViewType=&dashboardId=

I tried the following variable names with no luck:

  • dashboardItem.key
  • dashboardItem.viewType
  • selectPageId
  • ac.selectPageId

My question: How can I pass the dashboard ID via a context variable?

Hi @gabor.nagy! Did you try AP.dialog.getCustomData ?

Hi @piskunovigorm! Not yet, thank you for your suggestion! Unfortunately the dialog is opened by the Atlassian framework, not manually. I don’t see a way to pass custom data via that mechanism. Do you have any suggestions?

I recently discussed this with our team and found that dashboard context parameter is accessible from gadget(jiraDashboardItems module) and not outside it (say dialog).

You can find out more about Dashboard item here. Once this is added in the descriptor, the link will be accessible from a dialog window that opens on clicking “Add gadget” shown in your screenshot.


Thank you for your suggestion, but I believe this won’t help in our use case. Let me clarify what we would like to implement.

We do not want to add some new gadget functionality, rather we want to perform operations on the entire dashboard. Namely, we’d like to implement a PDF export feature for dashboards and that’s why we need the dashboard ID to be accessible by the dialog itself. Adding a new gadget module just to grab the dashboard ID would be very cumbersome.

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Hello! My name is Marcus, and I am the new Product Manager looking after the Jira Dashboards experience.

Our team will be looking to deliver the functionality requested by making the dashboard ID accessible as a context parameter, so dialog modules can access it. Work will tentatively begin around early 2021, and I will update this comment accordingly when it has completed.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Marcus Wong | Product Manager on Jira Shared Experiences

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Hi Marcus,

Thank you, that’s great news! We are looking forward to implement the new parameter once it’s ready.


Hey Gabor. An update from the Jira Dashboards team.

We tentatively remarked that this ticket would be addressed around early 2021, but realistically, we are looking at tackling this ticket closer later on in the year instead.

We understand that the work here helps improve a frustrating Server -> Cloud migration experience, and helps accelerate superior experiences on the Cloud. However, we had to make some tough tradeoffs and concluded that we could not do this ticket within the timeframes we previously planned for.

To be transparent, we’re opting to do this work instead:

  • Addressing another Server -> Cloud migration blocker, captured in, which we’ve decided needs our attention more urgently.
  • Continued work to improve the performance of our Dashboards experience, to bring load times closer to Server and unblock more Server -> Cloud migrators.

We will continue to consider this work, but our delivery will be delayed. Our apologies.

Marcus Wong
Jira Shared Experiences