How to pass variable from velocity to javascript?

I want to use the variable from the velocity file inside the javascript file.

<meta name=“ajs-context-path” content="/confluence">
#set($delay = $delayVal)
#set($link = $url)


AJS.toInit(function() {
myVar = setTimeout(function(){ location.replace("$link") }, 1000 * $delay);

so in this file.js I want to pass the delay and link value to the setTimout function. But it’s not working.

Please help!

You might use a hidden field with the value

<input type="hidden" name="delay" class="delay" value="$!{delayVal}"/>
<input type="hidden" name="link" class="link" value="$!{url}"/>

With this JS

AJS.toInit(function() {
var delay = AJS.$(".delay").val(); // maybe "delay" is a too general name, use a more specific one
var link = AJS.$(".link").val(); // maybe "link" is a too general name, use a more specific one
myVar = setTimeout(function(){ location.replace("link") }, 1000 * delay);
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Thank @ppasler, i will try this. I also found this

One could use meta tags as well no ?

<meta name="my-delay" content="$!{delayVal}">

and then