How to programmatically detect if Tempo Work Log popup form Issue Selector is changed?

New Tempo Timesheets 8.14.1 haves a totally differently designed popup form for Log Work.

I want to get issue key from it’s issue picker and not find a solution for it with jQuery.

If I look at to code with Firefox’s Webtools then I find this.

<input class="tuiTextField sc-iRbamj jZuxWd" id="issuePickerInput" autocomplete="off" placeholder="" value="" type="text">

jQuery code is placed to Jira’s Announcement Banner like this but nothing happends with it on Issue view.

<script type="application/javascript" language="javascript">
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    jQuery('#issuePickerInput').live('change',function() {

Try out this method:

AJS.toInit(function () {
    AJS.$(document).on('change', '#issuePickerInput', function() {

This works. But code below not work after another change of select list:

$(projectDropDown).attr('externalURL', newExternalURL);

It work only in first time I change the select list. And then I need to make pageload to get it work again.

Maybe some error occurs in browser console?

Error in console is:

Data with key com.atlassian.jira.plugins.jira-browser-metrics:contrib.scm-commit-id has already been claimed.

Hi @matti.kiviharju, Not working for me. Nothing is displaying in the console.
I use the traditional method document.getElementById(“issuePickerInput”) and later to get the value but still not working.


JavaScript in latest version of Tempo Timesheets is not anymore needed on Jira Header Scripts.

Everything works now automatically without any JavaScript on Jira Header.

Also I reported this as a bug for Tempo support, so they fixed a bug and made everything works automatically and you need only server side code.

Thanks for quick response @matti.kiviharju. So that means, I cannot use JS code in accouncement banner to get the Issue key from pop-screen of Tempo, right ?

Yes. That is true if you have no very old version of Tempo Timesheets.

Thanks @matti.kiviharju, Any idea how do we use it from server end?

You just need some how return the PJSON strings (from Cross Site URL) with server side code for Tempo Timesheets. Watch from documentation.