How to programmatically get the Authorization code without the user approval in OAuth 2.0

Hi Team,

We are trying to develop an integration with JIRA cloud to update comments on the JIRA issues from another 3rd party tool we are using in our organization. We will be developing a java sprint boot apps to do this integration. We understand the basic authentication can be used for authentication and our security team is suggesting to use oauth for authentication. I have tried to follow the steps in the following documentation to configure an oauth app.

However there is a user intervention required to generate the code thats used to generate the token. How can we get around this without any manual intervention and using oauth authentication?

Can you please help.



You cannot. As the title of the documentation indicates, the Atlassian OAuth 2 implementation only implements “3LO”, formally known as the client authorization flow, which requires human intervention.

OAuth 2 specifies the client credentials flow for this scenario, but Atlassian hasn’t implemented it. Please watch, vote, and comment on: