How to put JobRunner into scheduled jobs

I write a JobRunner, and it works well.

My question is, how can this timing task be performed regularly;
How can users manage it, such as putting this JobRunner into scheduled jobs (http://baseurl/admin/scheduledjobs/viewscheduledjobs.action)

my code is

    <component key="taskJob" name="taskJob" class=""  public="true">

    <job-config name="taskJob" key="taskJob" public="true">
        <description  key="gearsmonitor.webitem.section"/>
        <job key="cleanJob" perClusterJob="true" clusteredOnly="true"/>
        <schedule cron-expression="0 * 3 * * ?" jitterSecs="10"/>
        <managed editable="true" keepingHistory="true" canRunAdhoc="true" canDisable="true"/>

public class TaskJob implements JobRunner {
    private static final Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(TaskJob.class);
    public JobRunnerResponse runJob(JobRunnerRequest jobRunnerRequest) {
        return JobRunnerResponse.success("success");


managed: It doesn’t work

managed is optional. If this is omitted the job won’t appear in the Scheduled Jobs administration page in Confluence.
If any of the following attributes are omitted, their values are assumed to be false:
When set to true, editable allows the job schedule to be edited. This is forced to false if schedule type is interval.
When set to true, keepingHistory means the job’s history persists and survives server restarts. If set to false, the job history is only stored in memory and will be lost on the next server restart.
When set to true, canRunAdhoc allows the job to be executed manually on the Scheduled Jobs administration screen.
When set to true, canDisable allows the job to be enabled or disabled on the Scheduled Jobs administration screen.