How to put my macro in the "Insert more content" dropdown?

Is there a way to write into my macro a specific display position on the client’s toolbar? I’d like to get my macro onto the “short list” of useful macros for my clients who’ve installed it, as opposed to having to search through the “other macros” searchable list.


Joe S.

What makes you think that your macro is more useful that other macros from client perspective? :slight_smile: I would say let them decide.

Anyway, from what i understand you want to place your macro somewhere here

That is rendered by the tinymce editor and I have found this link which describes how to add tinymce plugins.

I hope it helps

I think you are looking for the "featured": true flag from

Whether the macro should be “featured”, meaning having an additional link in the “Insert More Content” menu in the editor toolbar.

Is that what you want to achieve ?

Hi folks thanks for the tips. I have been able to add my macro to the featured dropdown menu by adding the following code:

<web-item key="editor-macrolinkkey" name="myMacro" section="system.editor.featured.macros.default" weight="11">
	    <label key="myMacro"/>      
	    <link linkId="myMacro"/>
        <icon height="16" width="16">

however I am having an issue with the icon not showing up next to the ‘myMacro’ text. The macro is selectable from the menu and does work when clicked, it just can’t find the image to put in the background of the menu item.

Anyone know if I am linking the image incorrectly? that is the location of the image I used to bind in another area of the atlassian-plugin.xml file, like here

<param name="plugin-icon">images/pluginIcon.png</param>

Thanks, Joe S.