How to refresh build task statuses in pull request page

I have an app that run as a build task (check) whenever the user open or update a pull request.
the app uses rest api to create and update the status of the build check

if the user is watching the pull request page at the right side of it, one of the frame is “build passed” that show check statuses
my App is shown there but the status of the check doesn’t refreshed when i am updating (using rest api)

Is there a way to refresh it?
why the refresh behavior is not the same like adding comment using rest api (it notify the user that refresh is needed)

any suggestion?

Hi @MotiLahiani,

Not really a suggestion here but I’ve confirmed that there isn’t a way to notify the users about a posted or updated build status so I’ve created the following feature request for the team to consider:


Thanks i’ll watching its status

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