How to remove the icons of the menu-items from admin pages added by a Forge native app

Is there are way to remove the default icons of the menu-items introduced by a Forge native app for Jira?

In my manifest.yml I have something like this:

    - key: admin-pages-key
      title: My Test App
      resource: static-resources-key
        function: resolver
        - title: Migration
          route: migration
        - title: Permissions
          route: permissions
        - title: Settings
          route: settings

Which results in this menu structure in Jira:



As you can see, all the menu-items have a default icon, although I did not use the “icon” field in the manifest.yml.
I know that I could add my own icons by specifying the icon url in the “icon” field from the manifest file, but I want my app menu-items to have no icons at all, for being consistent with the rest of the menu-items from the Manage Apps page.

To me this looks like a bug. If I did not use “icon” field in manifest.yml, there should be no icon displayed. Why does it display that default icon?!

How could I remove the icons? Thanks!

Hi @danut.manda,

There is currently no way to remove the icons. If an “icon” field is not specified in the manifest, it is meant to display the default icon.

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This is not ideal… But thanks for the answer.