How to removing duplicates from insight

in insight there was one attribute which is having duplicate values in it . How can i show as unique in the jira insight custom field .

:wave: Can you provide a bit more context? From your question, it is a bit tricky to figure exactly where the problem may be occurring.

What APIs, if any, are you currently using? Can you show/share more on what you expect to be happening and what is actually happening?

We recently published this guide on asking a good question. Check it out and see if there aren’t some other ideas in there on ways you can provide us more context to help get things sorted.

It also sounds like this might be a better question for the Atlassian Community. A quick search shows a few folks asking somewhat similar questions: It may be worth perusing through those, as well.


Hi @bentley,

in this image if u this the ‘Revenue’ , ‘Research & Development’ is appearing many times . This i want to display as unique in the JIRA insight custom field .
can you help me in this