How to render a webapp in Glance iframe

Hi Atlassian team,


I’m attempting to setup a Jira Glance app. The app is currently just serving a basic hello world page and I can see the custom Glance button when I visit a Jira ticket. The issue that is occurring happens when I click on the Glance button. Instead of render “hello world”, it renders the following message:

We’re having trouble connecting to Optimizely. Try contacting the developer for support.

I also checked the following in Chrome devtools:

  1. No errors appear in the javascript console
  2. The iframe src html responds with a 200


When I click on the “custom” button it redirects to the screen bellow:

Hey, this is platform for developers only. If you have any issues with this app, use one of the support way from Optimizely for Jira | Atlassian Marketplace

Hi palbecki,

I’m one the developers of the Optimizely app. I ran into this issue locally. The solution to this problem was to add the correct atlassian script tag to the head of the document

<script src="" async></script>