How to render 'description' field ? no UI Kit to do that?


I created a suggestion [FRGE-923] Interpret HTML tags with a UI kit component because I have not found a way with Forge to meet my need. I would like to know if other people are interested in having a UI kit component to interpret HTML code.

My use case:
I am developing a macro for confluence and I need to display the content of the description field of a Jira issue. This fields is special because it can contain tables, images, emoji, text in bold, italics, …

To get description field i call a Jira API{your Jira key issue}?expand=names,renderedFields,schema
Result example:

The problem is there is not a Forge component to interpret HTML tags :slight_frown: Maybe the solution is to evolve Text UI kit component. What do you thing ?

All your suggestions are welcome

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I don’t think there is a way to do it in UI Kit but this should be possible to do in Custom UI app.