How to render Jira hosted images in an ADF document using Atlaskit Renderer?


We are trying to render an issue description that includes images hosted in Jira (issue attachments) in a page of our application.

We have been able to do that by fetching the ADF document of the issue description and using the Atlaskit Renderer with a media provider. Its AuthProvider is using the endpoint /rest/api/3/attachment/read/issue/{issueId}/credentials to fetch the “clientId”, “token” and “baseUrl” to return. However this endpoint has now started to return a 403 Forbidden error. From what we were able to investigate, this error is caused because of the header “ap-client-key” in the request.

Is this endpoint now restricted? How can we continue to access the endpoint? Or is there another way we can render the issue description with the Jira hosted images without using a media provider?

We also got to this link to the Atlassian Media API documentation, but that also seems to be restricted, is there a way we can access it?

We’d appreciate any help.


Hi any updates with this one?

I’m attempting the same thing. Any chance you can post your media provider code?

I presume the images on the documentation page don’t work for you folks either? Perhaps those are authenticated differently but I’m still curious.