How to render servlet on Project Sidebar view

Hi, i got a servlet which render a form. If i go to the servlet by url redirects me another page. I need two things, when you enter on a project, on the sidebar “Not administrator sidebar” we got a web item wich redirect to the servlet page, but this send me to another page, i needed to render on same age, and the other it is to can’t enter on a servlet without login.

Thanks in advance

Hi, anyone find how to do that? Thanks in advance

Hi @FranciscoGomezBalast,

I’m sure people would like to help but right now it is very unclear (at least to me) what your question actually is. Could you try rephrasing your question and maybe also providing your current config/code and screenshots so it is easier for people to understand what you mean?

Hi. for example on wbs gantt on the project sidebar you got a web-item, and when you click on the web-item at the project center view load a servlet.

I got the web-item on the project sidebar and i got a servlet i need to render my servlet with the same jira menus.