How to restrict the pages where the Jira Service Management portal header is displayed

Today I was playing around with a JSM Forge app.

At some point I decided that I wanted the jiraServiceManagement:portalHeader only to show on the help_center and the my_requests page.

The help_center is the “home page” where all the available portals are available, it can be accessed at https://<site>
It looks like this:

The my_requests page is the one that opens when clicking on the “Requests” button in the top right corner with the https://<site> URL.

How to show the module on certain pages only
The Jira Service Management portal header documentation explains that a pages property in the manifest.yml is available to restrict where the module is displayed.

And here is my example:

    - key: forge-jsm-portal-panel
      function: main
        - help_center
        - my_requests
        - portal

How to identify which page to use?
A good option to identify which page to specify in the manifest.yml file is to check the context when loading the app and check the output in the forge tunnel when opening the various Jira Service Management pages:

const App = () => {
    const context = useProductContext();


The parameter to look for is the

When opening the two pages above with a test app, you’ll find the following in the logs:

extensionContext: { page: 'help_center', type: 'jiraServiceManagement:portalHeader' }

# my_requests case
extensionContext: { page: 'my_requests', type: 'jiraServiceManagement:portalHeader' }

I got an error :frowning:
Last but not least, if you get an error saying saying should be array make sure that each page is on its own line with a - before it. This is because the pages are expected to be defined as arrays.
At some point I had them defined as pages: help_center, my_requests (don’t ask me why) and got this error:

error    jiraServiceManagement:portalHeader property pages 'help_center, my_requests' should be array  valid-document-required