How to retrieve Application information programmatically?

I want to retrieve the information on the Versions and Licenses page, but programmatically.

ApplicationManager.getApplication() only gives me a single application, Jira Core. I want to get Service Management as well. I also tried looking at PluginManager.getPlugins() but nothing there looks like Service Management.

Also, where can you find the servlet settings? I tried looking up the servlet name (to try to find that class), but couldn’t find anything.

Found the servlet mapping, it is actually /plugins/servlet/* which is mapped to “servlet-module-container-servlet”, i.e. com.atlassian.jira.plugin.servlet.ServletModuleContainerServlet.

That class takes a configuration object though, and I lost interest trying to track where that came from.

Instead I now use JiraLicenseManager to get the licenses… which leads to ApplicationKey objects, and I got 3:

Not the same as installed software (they could be un-licensed), but close enough for checking if they are there.

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