How to retrieve failed webhook?

I have some questions regarding trello webhook.
If a webhook has been failed (because transmission error or error in our server), How to retrieve that failed webhook?
As I know, not all actions listed in response of trello REST API in nested actions ( Http GET on /cards/{id}/actions/, /boards/{id}/actions/ ), for example “updateCheckItem” has been excluded. How to get that " updateCheckItem" action’s id or information?

Also, is there any way to detect webhook failure?
Should we polling the GET request on ‘/1/webhooks/’?
Thank you very much.

As far as I know, there is no way to retrieve a failed webhook.

Trello does retry sending webhooks:

If for some reason the connection is disrupted, or unavailable, the webhook will retry 3 times before stopping.

Trello will backoff in time with each retry. We’ll wait 30 seconds after the first failure, then 60 seconds, and, finally, 120 seconds before trying the final time.


Because you’d want to watch for a change to consecutiveFailures? You definitely could. It seems like it’d be worth spending some time doing similar monitoring/alerting for the service you’re having webhook data sent to first.