How to search existing pages with content properties?

Hi all,

We have an existing content property attached to many pages that our app created in the past. To simplify here is the existing content property:

 id: "123",
 startDate: "2023-09-21"

In order to search for the id property with CQL the id field was indexed with an extraction as defined in the docs.

Now the app is live since a while and we also want to index the startDate. Here is the extraction we define:

keyConfigurations": [
            "propertyKey": "meetical",
            "extractions": [
                "objectName": "id",
                "type": "string",
                "alias": "meeticalId"
                "objectName": "startDate",
                "type": "date"

We can search for the startDate now, but only newly created pages appear, or when we open, edit and save an existing page.


After 2 days existing pages containing the content property are still not indexed on our dev instance.

How can we trigger a re-index for our dev instance, and then for all our customer’s instances?

Any advice is appreciated!

Thank you


Hi Lukas,
The only option I can think of is to open a support ticket to Atlassian to reindex the instance. Unfortunately, this means that you have to ask customers to open a similar ticket for their instances.
Best regards

We have a feature request open in our system to ask for the possibility to re-index content in Confluence Cloud:

You may want to vote and watch above ticket so that you will be notified in case of any progress/update.

We also have below bug tickets describing a very similar behavior encountered in different scenarios:

Finally, please be also aware of below issue:

CONFCLOUD-75314 - Content properties to filter contents in CQL does not bring expected results

However, since the description got somehow corrupted, I have contacted the bug ticket creator to update it.



I have created below bug ticket to have this issue tracked in our system: