How to search for issues matching a specific customfield?

I’m currently having trouble searching issues based on a customfield.

Customfield_10162 has been assigned to a RefID.

If I search for the issue by key I get this: “customfield_10162”: “TESTREFID”

If I search by “jql”: “cf[10162]=TESTREFID” I get this response


"errorMessages": [

    "The operator '=' is not supported by the 'cf[10162]' field."


"warningMessages": []


Hi @SMARTdeveloper ,

What type of field is Customfield_10162? If it is text, you might want to try fuzzy search by using ~ instead of =. For reference, you might want to check this section on advance search on custom fields.

Hope this helps.


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Fixed it by changing the search a little. Works like a charm

“jql”: “RefID~TESTREFID”

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