How to send data to dialog modal in jira forge custom UI app?

Hai all,
I created another app to show modal in custom UI app that defined in the below link. It already have lengthy issue and raised in this issue link.

Hope it will fixed soon. Because it’s very important to show modal for the app that i creating. So i started to working with modal. In modal i have some issues. While sending data to modal i have undefined error.

I am using the same code that defined in this link to create and send data to modal. But in my-modal-resource.js file, I have the following error.

Cannot read property ‘customKey’ of undefined

Why this issue occurs? Kindly share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance…

I found answer to this question. need to get customKey using context.extension.modal.customKey . It’s need to be changed in

Can i use resolvers for the new app that i created to show modal? If yes how can i define resolver function to that modal app?