How to set forge App to charge

Hi, I have a few questions to ask:

  1. How to add license to forge app?
  2. This problem occurs when i add licenses in the way provided on forge’s official website

Error: Failed to license app for product jira because this app has not been configured to support this product.

How to solve it?

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Which Jira product are you doing this for? Can you share screenshots of where/when this is occurring?

hi,My operation steps are as follows:
1、Configure the license in “mainfest. YML”, as shown in the following figure:

2、The following errors occur when installing into the development environment:

The questions I want to ask are as follows:

  1. How do I solve the problem of license errors?

  2. Does forge app need to be approved by atlassian before adding licenses? If so, can forge app not be set to free in the process of submitting for approval?

@liumulin did you manage to solve your problem? I’m running into the same issue and can’t find documentation to solve it.

experiencing the same issue here, but for product confluence.

Hi all, I believe is is because the Forge app needs to be listed on the marketplace and approved before it can be installed, once licensing has been enabled. See for more information.