How to set up hot static files reload with Quick Reload?

When using Quick Reload it becomes easy to redeploy Java changes just running atlas-package in the project folder. Javascript, CSS and Velocity files change more often and wait 20 seconds for another Quick Reload is inconvenient.

Is there a way to make plugin system catch the changes in the static files (Javascript, CSS and Velocity macros) without reloading of the whole plugin?


Hey @efulmo, you can try livereload, so mb you can find one for css too), which can be installed on your machine directly or on one of the browsers as extension (firefox, safari, chrome), all you need then is to include livereload script into your page and if using extension enable livereload, after any changes in your js it will reload. Though i’m not sure about velocity templates, since it’s server rendered pages.

@alexter_pr, Livereload does not work in case of Jira plugin development. It just refreshes the page for me, but the trick is that even if I refresh the page manually the changes I have made in the static files will not be reflected because Jira serves all the plugin static files from the JAR package, not from file system. I have to repackage JAR to apply my changes. Serving of the static files from the file system is the goal I want to achieve.

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I am also having this issue