How to set up mTLS in JSM to communicate with external web server?

Hi Team,

I would like to consult for the configuration of mTLS on JSM.

In our deployment, there is a HAporxy in front of JSM cluster (2 instances) terminating HTTPS, which means the traffic between them is HTTP. Besides, there is an external web server which is communicating with JSM cluster as below:

  1. From external server to JSM
    JSM is playing as the server and the external web server is the client, is there any way available to set up mTLS so that JSM could identify the client? Though I know token is working, I would like to try the mTLS.

  2. From JSM to external server
    This is the opposite direction, JSM will use the webhook to talk with external server, how could I configure JSM to secure the traffic? Maybe I need to configure the keystore to clarify itself?

Thanks in advance.

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Jason Du

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