How to set upm.plugin.upload.enabled to true in Confluence 8.8.0


How to set upm.plugin.upload.enabled to true in Confluence 8.8.0?


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Dear Matti,

It is a system property. Please follow Configuring System Properties | Confluence Data Center and Server 8.8 | Atlassian Documentation

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I get error:

Using Java: /bin/java
Error: Unable to access jarfile /bin/confluence-context-path-extractor.jar
Error: Unable to access jarfile /bin/synchrony-proxy-watchdog.jar

Not I got to work. But I have no idea how to enable upload Apps.

I set it like this:

CATALINA_OPTS="-upm.plugin.upload.enabled=true ${CATALINA_OPTS}"

It must be -Dupm. …

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Thanks not it works.

Any reason this couldn’t just have been made into something configurable from inside confluence???

We are using docker for testing against actual deployable instances (dev instances have the nasty tendency to have subtle behavior differences) - this forces us to either fiddle with the config inside the container or to constantly build new images to set the flags.

You could at least provide an option to let us pass custom config options to the container instead of only the predefined ones (at least I couldn’t find that option)



I got it work with testing everything again and again my self. I just made cool Theme for Confluence in dark blue colors. Also I made jQuery and Java code to check is license valid or not.

I have no Docker. I have Virtual Private Server as rented where I can only run Confluence in single node and Operating System is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Anyone haves good ideas for new Confluence Theme to make license system to good? I don’t want to prevent customers to use Confluence if new theme license is invalid. Now my theme users is able to use Confluence with my theme without valid license so clients not need to buy license mandatory to use my theme (there is only texts, no license, license is not valid, licensed to Company XYZ).