How to share private Marketplace app version for Jira Server?

I uploaded a private version of a new app for Jira Server to Atlassian Marketplace. Now I would like to share this private version with a few customers so they can test it. Is there any way to do this for Jira Server without making the app public?

One way would be to share the OBR with testing customers directly but how can they get an evaluation license then?

Private listings are there for the vendor only. I would suggest going the distribution of the jar yourself.

If this is a new version - they can get a license from the current app listing. If it’s a new version - you’re kinda on your own… In the past I’ve added time bomb functionality to apps to handle these situations (ie the app doesn’t work after date X).

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Thanks for your answer @daniel! Was the second part of your answer meant to say: “If it’s a new listing - you’re kinda on your own…”?

That’s a pity, in my case the listing is not new but I added a Server version to an existing Cloud listing. To me it looks like the self-made time bomb functionality is then the only solution if I don’t want to make the version public.

Yepp you’re on your own at that point (marketplace can’t generate a license since you don’t have a public listing yet). My suggestion would be to go the your own timebomb approach (worst case whoever installs it passes it on and then has to contact you for a new version).

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