How to show a macro on the same line as the content of a Confluence page


I try to develop a easy forge app to display a Jira field in a Confluence Page. Here my macro show “Tom” value.

The Problem is the content of my macro does not appear after the text on same line.

I would like to show on same line the content of my macro. Same the “status” macro for example.
Photo-montage :

which parameter should I use to show my macro on same line as the content ?


Hi @ThibautFAURE,

What you’re looking for is to have an “inline macro” (e.g. for Connect macros you can set the outputType to inline). Unfortunately, forge doesn’t support inline macros yet.

You can use this issue to track the progress on this:



Thx you for the links.
I hope Forge will support inline soon :slight_smile:

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