How to show full screen modals in jira:adminPage

I’m migrating an Atlassian connect add-on to forge with custom-ui. Previously in the connect app we showed a list in generalPages module with full screen editor using Atlaskit modal. Since, forge doesn’t have an alternative module for generalPages we are using jira:adminPage instead.

The same modal we used in the connect app doesn’t look good in forge due to smaller viewport. Is there any option to show fullscreen modal from within jira:adminPage…?

Hi @Dineshkumar,

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any plans about adding full-screen support to modals. But we are releasing a jira:globalPage module very soon, which is rendered without navigation sidebar if there’s no subpages (the feature yet to come). I guess you’ll be able to render full-screen layout in there on your own. Keep an eye on the changelog.


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There’s a Modal class that you can use to show a custom UI resource in a full-screen modal:

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I read about the Forge team working on globalPage module. But they didn’t provide any ETA.

Though it’s not full screen. The xlarge modal will work for now. Thanks.