How to sync large Data for app setup

Hello everbody,

I have a big Problem with the Limitation for a Forge App.
Here is a simple description what I need to do at the app first setup.

  1. Requestion 3th Party API to get open deals
  2. Save every Open Deal in Storage
  3. Save every Product / Service in Storage

This can hit the Storage Limit really really fast. We are talking here about 1000 entities which needed to be saved.
The Storage Limit is atm. 10 Requests per Second:

So I thought, just put a sleep function Inbetween and the Problem should be resolved:

export const sleep = async (time: number) => {
    return new Promise((resolve) => {
        setTimeout(resolve, time)

And now Im hitting the the Runtime Limit of 10 seconds:

My Question:
How do you resolve this problem?
How did you solve import large data into the app without hitting the limits?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


The limits can be a real problem, especially when integrating with 3rd party systems. However, it would really help to understand your constraints better. If deals, products, and services are resources already stored in a 3rd party system, why replicate the data into Atlassian storage? Why can’t the Forge App ask the 3rd party system for the data “on demand”?

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Thanks for you answer, yes this could be a solution. But not with this particular API.

The API doesnt allow me to search for specific properties in the resources.
Also there is no open Product Endpoint, I get the products only via the deal endpoint.