How to test licence API in cloud dev?

Hi community,
I have a developper account and I have uploaded a new app in my Jira cloud env. Even if I register the app (as private) in the marketplace and I use private listing and I set a token to active subscription in my app, when I call https://<my_env><my_addon-key>, I’m getting the following Json :

  "key": "my_addon_key",
  "version": "1.0",
  "name": "My addon name",
  "installedDate": "2023-07-26T13:54:58Z",
  "lastUpdated": "2023-07-26T13:55:00Z",
  "state": "ENABLED",
  "host": {
    "product": "JIRA"
  "license": {
    "active": true,
    "type": "DEVELOPER",
    "evaluation": false
  "links": {
    "marketplace": [
        "href": "<my_addon_key>"
    "self": [
        "href": "https://<my_env><my_addon_key>"

where I was expecting the return object described in

How should I proceed to simulate a real paid addon and check the licence ? I’m especially interested into the entitlement information.

Thanks for your help,
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Hi @SylvainCaillet,

As far as I understand, you have tried the private listing to test your licensing with Access Tokens which is in fact a developer license. Regarding your query, trying to get a real paid via atlassian or a commercial license scenario, unless you have these two points checked, it would not be possible.

  1. Make your app public on the marketplace by providing a payment model for your app.

  2. Get your app approved by Atlassian post the first step which would require certain detailed checks to verify the app. Also, documentation maybe required.

In case, both of these get done, you can test the app with a commercial license.

Hope, this clarifies. Do tell if you have any further questions.