How to update custom field value with Atlassian Connect

Hi ppl.

We are trying to build an app for JSM Cloud with Atlassian Connect. In the process we need to update a custom field data and have problems with it as REST API documentation explicitly states it is possible only with Forge: The Jira Cloud platform REST API (

But this looks more like that we are unable to find the proper resource, rather than it is really not possible with Connect. Can anybody advise where to look or which method to use?

Hi @GiaJgarkava

Welcome to the community and thanks for that question. I have reached out to our product team and will let you know as soon as I have an update.


Your confusion about the API was legit and I have noted this down as an example where documentation was confusing. For your use case, you can use edit issue API, in which you can mention custom fields, their values and is compatible with Connect apps.


Thanks a lot! With a trial and error we also found the solution you have proposed :slight_smile:

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