How to update existing issuelink using REST API?

Need help to understand How I can update/delete issueLink via update issue rest api.

I do understand we can add issuelink using below format

"update": {
    "issuelinks": {
        "add": {......}

However same can not be true for remove or edit.
I tried and got error: 'Linked Issues' does not support operation 'remove' Supported operation(s) are: 'add'

Hi @ravi3. Welcome to the developer community. There isn’t an edit method… just add and delete. Check out the Delete Issue Link API docs:

Make sure to set your method type to be DELETE and not POST.

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Hello @nmansilla

Thank you for your reply.
I do agree we have option to use mentioned api, however, this is going to be sequential operation.
Is there any way, where I can use bulk operations for issuelink add/delete?

Also when I try to add multiple issuelink under update section in updateIssue api, it gave me following error: Too many operations (2) provided for field 'issuelinks'. We support at most 1 operation for this field.


Hi @Ravi3. Using the Update Issue method, I don’t believe there is a way to include multiple add operations to the the issuelinks array in the request body. I do recall there being some work in this area a while back. But you know… perhaps there is a way that I just don’t know about yet. I’ll ping some internal teams.


Any update here?

I found this ticket
related to same issue.

Did you find any way out here?