How to update Forge app WITH release notes in the markteplace

Hi there,

I recently deployed an update for a Forge app in the marketplace.
Then I noticed a meaningless notification mail for all watchers like this

After the deployment I can change the release notes, but the mail has already been sent.

Is there any way to set the release notes BEFORE the deployment?
I couldn’t find a hint here:

Thanks in advance!


Hi Paul

There is currently no way to avoid this currently.
The marketplace team is working to fill this gap.
The ideal state will let you skip emails for minor deployments and provide a version/change update message.


Hi @JoshuaHwang,

thanks for the information. Would be super cool, to have something like this. Is there a ticket I can watch?

So the mentioned “ideal state” would not send mails at all for minor updates and users may read through the changelog now and then?

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We only have an internal ticket.

Would you be able to submit a public facing ticket for this request here. I’ll link the corresponding internal ticket to it.

Will likely be a good place to also discuss ideal end state if you have other opinions on it.

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Here’s a ticket in the Forge service desk: [FRGE-842] - Ecosystem Jira