How to update Forge UI with Comment on issue event listener function?

Hi there!

We have created an Issue Glance on Jira issue view screen. We would like to update it’s content when avi:jira:commented:issue is sent.
We have a function that renders the Issue Glance and a function will be triggered when comment on issue event happens. When this event happens, we want to update the context of our existing glance.
We tried to use useEffect() with useState() in the component what is on the glance. When the event handler set the value of the vairable, the useEffect() was not called.

Can you please suggest some solutions for this problem?

Thank you for your help!

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Hi @GyngyiKiss,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to live update rendered Forge apps using product events. Yet. But we have similar features that enable live updates on our roadmap.