How to update Status on a Datacenter version of Assets

I can’t figure out how to update the status of a JSM Assets record. Status is a special field and has a little bit different format when you look at the json for it. When I create or update an Asset record and attempt to set the status, if I set it using the value tag, I get a 500 error. If I try to set it using the json structure that is returned from a record with a status set, the post or put completes, but the status is not changed/set. For example, setting the status with the following json doesn’t work. I’ve also tried value, id, the entire set of fields that are returned by the GET, etc… {
“objectTypeAttributeId”: 94,
“objectAttributeValues”: [
“status”: {
“name”: “Active”



FYI, I did figure this out. You need to pass in “value”:1 where 1 is the integer value of the Status.