How to update your support hours of operation during Atlassian Summit

We’ve made some changes to Marketplace this week in order to help you communicate your support availability to customers. For those of you traveling to Atlassian Summit in the next few weeks these features will be helpful for you.

TLDR: If you’re looking for new features skip to the bottom.

Read only/ Edit Modes for Manage Vendor pages

You may have noticed some changes to the Manage Vendor screen. We tried to make the form a bit more usable since all the fields were getting a little unwieldy. You now have “Read Only” and “Edit” modes on the form. The “Read Only” displays show the information as its presented to customers on Marketplace.

To edit, simply click on the .

We’ve organized the fields based upon where the information displays on the Marketplace. The top sections display in your Vendor Profile page.

The bottom sections display on your app listings (in the Support Tab), with the exception of “Support Channels” which displays on both.

Support Channels

The only fields required by the Atlassian Verified program in this section is the “Support website” URL field and the “24/7 emergency contact details” field. The other fields are additional channels outside of a support ticketing system that you provide to customers so they can contact your support team.

These fields show up on the app listing in the “Contact section” before the “Submit a support request link” which is a field you manage on your Manage App page.

NOTE: If you currently have email and/or phone support displaying on your app listing and you wish to remove edit that information in this section on the Manage Vendor page.

Hours of Operation

This section helps you communicate your availability to customers and is very important in setting expectations. I’ve emailed a number of you regarding customer escalations for support and learned that the primary cause is that customers have unclear expectations on when they can expect a response from you. Many of you have this information in your own service level agreements, so these features just uplevel that information to the Atlassian Marketplace.

#####Service Availability
You have the option to display service availability on your supported app listings or not. To turn service availability on simply switch the toggle.

This information is required for vendors who want to participate in the Atlassian Verified program.

Your hours of operation display in your supported app listings on the support details tab under the contact section. When a customer is looking at your app listing within your hours of operation an “Open Now” signal will appear on the listing.

We’ve updated the feature to remove the “Closed Now” for viewing app listings outside of the hours of operation based on your feedback from Atlassian Connect Week. Now the default display just shows the hours of operation with timezone and no “Closed Now” indicator.

After analyzing many of your service level agreements, we realized that we could be doing even more to help you communicate your availability to customers so we added two new fields.

#####New field
The first is target response time. This field does not yet display on your app listings but is important for setting expectations with customers about how quickly you respond to support requests.

#####New field
The second is a “Holidays” feature.

This feature updates the “Open Now” logic on your app listings. So if you’re out of office for… oh let’s say Atlassian Summit… you can communicate to customers that you may be slower to respond since you are away from the office.

We hope you find these new features helpful! As always looking forward to your feedback.

Your Atlassian Ecosystem team