How to use Akka Actor System in a server plugin

We are planning to use Akka and Akka Streams in a Jira server plugin, using the latest Plugin Framework (4) and Spring Scanner (2.x) versions.

Is there a recommended way of using Scala and Akka in a server plugin?

We need to make sure the actor system is properly terminated if the add-on is disabled.

Can we rely on OSGI BundleActivator as used and mentioned in Akka OSGI? In that case the code will look like

import{ Props, ActorSystem }
import org.osgi.framework.BundleContext
import akka.osgi.ActorSystemActivator

object Activator extends ActorSystemActivator {

  def configure(context: BundleContext, system: ActorSystem) {
    registerService(context, system)
    val someActor = system.actorOf(Props[SomeActor], name = "someName")
    someActor ! SomeMessage


Is there a more high-level way of achieving this without directly using BundleActivator and BundleContext? e.g. just using Spring annotations?

It was a while ago, so don’t sue me if the latest-and-greatest Spring usage pattern is different from now, but here’s how I did it:

public class DefaultActorSystemManager implements ActorSystemManager, ApplicationListener {
    public void onApplicationEvent(ApplicationEvent event) {
        if (event instanceof ContextRefreshedEvent) {

            // shut down any actor system created by an earlier instance of the plugin

            // create a new actor system
            actorSystemOption = actorSystemFactory.create();

            // Spawn actors, which are supervised by the system guardian.
            accountantOption =;
            notifierOption =;
            primerOption =;
        } else if (event instanceof ContextClosedEvent) {
            actorSystemOption = Option.none();

    private final Effect<ActorSystem> shutdownActorSystem = new Effect<ActorSystem>() {
        public void apply(ActorSystem actorSystem) {
  "Shutting down actor system");

Worked just fine.

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Thanks a lot David. May I ask how did you pass (inject) specific actors (Accountant, Notifier, …) as dependencies to other components?

In this case I didn’t need to pass the actor references around, but it would be easy enough to add getter methods to the ActorSystemManager interface, and inject that into other components.

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