How to use AP.request inside Jira Forge


is there any way to use AP.request inside of Jira Forge? I made the experience that it somehow TypeError: AP.request is not a function shows up as an error.

I already required as a script inside of index.html of the modle (using custom ui)

Are you trying to call a product API from inside your Custom UI app? If so, you’ll need to use requestConfluence or requestJira from the Forge bridge

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Hello, i had some issues with requestJira and wanted to try AP.request so i can investiage further.

I don’t think AP.request is available for Forge apps. When I tried including the AP script in my custom UI app and logging out the available methods, I only get the following list which is a lot less compared to a connect app.


Regarding the TypeError, I don’t believe the AP library provide types so you’ll have to declare your own e.g. create a file called ap.d.ts where your app’s frontend custom UI code is located.

declare interface AP {
  context: APContext;

declare interface APContext {
  getContext(callback?: (result: Context) => void): void;

declare interface Context {
  confluence: {
    content: {
      id: string;
      type: 'page' | 'blogpost' | 'custom';
      version: string;
    macro: {
      hash: string;
      id: string;
      outputType: 'display';
    space: {
      id: string;
      key: string;

declare const AP: AP;

Then, you can call AP.context.getContext() in your code base.